Brazilian Waxing  DH150
Buttock Wax  DH70
Chin Threading DH50
Chin Wax DH30
Ear  Waxing DH50
Eyebrow Threading  DH50
Eyebrow Tint  DH100
Eyebrow Waxing DH60
Face Beach DH50
Finger/Foe Threading  DH15
Finger/Toe Wax  DH20
Forehead Threading  DH20
Forehead Wax DH30
Full Arm/Under Arms Wax  DH120
Full Arms Waxing DH80
Full Black  DH80
Full Body Waxing  DH350
Full Chest  DH180
Full Face Threading DH80
Full Face Wax DH100
Full Legs Waxing  DH200
Half Arms Waxing  DH60
Half Black  DH60
Half Chest   DH60
Half Face Threading  DH40
Half Face Wax  DH50
Half Legs Waxing  DH100
Nose  Threading  DH20
Nose  Waxing  DH20
Side Face Threading   DH20
Side Face Wax  DH30
Under Arms  Waxing  DH50
Upper Lip Waxing  DH30
Upper Lip Threading  DH25



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