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About Laurance Hair & Beauty Salon

Laurance Beauty Salon is the leading hair and beauty bar founded by renowned Lebanese celebrity hair expert Laurance and ace hair stylist. Established in late 2017, the Salon is a true reflection of the personal style, sophistication, and expertise of the founders and strives to provide the best in hair and high-end beauty services to customers in a suave setting.

A childhood dream, hair enthusiast Laurance wanted to honor his passion and experience through exceptional services that are provided by handpicked stylists and artists. The philosophy that every stylist and artist carries his/her own persona and style came to life when Laurance collaborated with style-savvy and Lebanese hair stylist. Together with the right vision, the founding team utilized their personal expertise and created a brand that sets itself apart with quality like no other.

Giving their customers an all-encompassing beauty experience, the salon currently has two branches in DIFC and Barsha respectively. Offering an array of services like complete makeovers, hair styling, haircuts, manicure and nails, pedicure, and more, the salon is both trendy and extremely comfortable, leaving the client feeling completely relaxed. Customers can create and style a look that feels authentic and also reveals a side of them that they have never seen. What sets them apart is that customers, for the first time in, love their hair and never fail to come back.

With Laurance's passion for beauty and the goal to provide only the best for his clients, the salon is always at the top of trends in the beauty industry by constantly receiving training and investing in the best of products. The founder and her talented team offer first-class services and award-winning hairstyles.

Be it a red carpet look that clients want or a unique look to refresh themselves, Laurance Salon's team is down to creating bespoke looks that bring a smile to the client's face. The dedication and love for everything they do, Laurance Beauty Salon aims to expand in the years to come and become a global brand name, offering services and their expertise to as many people as they can.

Find out more about Laurance Beauty Salon or have a look at all they do: @laurancebeautysalon